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South Africa’s Deaf community currently stands at four million people and counts for approximately 6% of the country’s population. While many advances have been made in terms of recognizing the rights of Deaf people, much of these changes have only reached the level of policy development with poor implementation. As a result, many Deaf people continue to live in isolated worlds and their struggles are silenced due to the lack of resources available to meet their needs. This is especially pronounced in impoverished neighbourhoods where basic needs such as schooling for the Deaf is largely compromised.

Project Operation The all-inclusive school is envisaged in three phases:

Phase 1

Ground floor

  1. Pre-school or kindergarten all-inclusive school
  2. ABET training facility for youth and adults without matric
  3. Facilities that provide social support for Deaf individuals.
  4. This part of the building will also have a general-purpose hall that would also serve as a community facility for the surrounding neighbourhood of Ottery.

Phase 2

  • This part of the building will also have a general-purpose hall that would also serve as a community facility for the surrounding neighbourhood of Ottery.
  • Storage Area

Phase 3

  • First floor – 7 x Classrooms


The new Al-Waagah Institute will have greater access to social services and networks to provide comprehensive care and to reach a larger part of the community. This includes adequate space for lawyers, doctors, social workers whose beneficiaries need to interact with on a regular basis.

The current Board and Staff contingent will be responsible for running the Institute, with a larger number of volunteers from the community. This is especially with regards to the regular maintenance and upkeep of the facility. The Al-Waagah team is currently in the process of fundraising for the project and should we secure sufficient funds within the next three months, we hope to commence with the building of Phase 1 as a means of also creating greater visibility for the project, which we hope will garner further support.

Our ideal goal is to however raise the total amount within the course of this year, such that the completed facility can be fully operational by the start of 2021.

We invite potential donors to consider investing in the Al-Waagah All-Inclusive School Project and ABET facility, as a means of demonstrating solidarity with our Deaf community who have for far too long been marginalized and isolated from mainstream social services.

Donations to the project are welcome on various levels:

1) Once-off donations from multiple donors that cumulatively help us reach our funding goal

2) Regular monthly donations

3) Larger donations that allow for a donor to take up naming opportunities on a classroom, hall, or housing unit within the facility. Al-Waagah is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO number 062-742), as well as a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO number 930061725).

All donations to the project are therefore liable for tax exemption benefits through the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Banking details Standard Bank Vangate Branch Branch code: 024909 Account number: 071270957 IBAN/ Swift code: SBZAZAJJ




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